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Prof. Vili Lehdonvirta (Principal Investigator)

vili_lehdonvirtaVili Lehdonvirta is an Associate Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, and PI of the iLabour project. His research deals with the design and socioeconomic implications of digital marketplaces and platforms, using conventional social research methods and novel data science approaches.


Twitter: @ViliLe

Dr. Fabian Stephany

Fabian StephanyFabian Stephany is a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. As a computational social scientist, Fabian investigates in domains of migration, innovation, and digital skills. Fabian’s work with the iLabour project focuses on the collection, analysis, and visualisation of online platform data. Fabian holds degrees in Economics and Social Sciences from different European institutions, including Universitá Bocconi Milan and University of Cambridge. 

Twitter: @fabian_stephany

Dr. Gretta Corporaal

Gretta Corporaal

Gretta (Greetje) Corporaal is a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute and a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the interplay between technology and the processes and practices that constitute contemporary work and organising in society. In the iLabour project, Gretta studies the technology firms that develop online labour platforms and how they decide upon the features and design of their platforms. She also studies client firms and how they change their strategies, organisational processes and practices when transitioning to the ‘new world of work’ in the online gig economy.

Twitter: @GF_Corporaal

Dr. Otto Kässi

otto_kassi Otto Kässi is a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. He is a labour economist with a background in econometrics. His research concentrates on empirical study of online labour markets. His work on the iLabour project includes collecting data from online labour markets and analysing it with statistical and econometric methods. He earned his Master’s and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Helsinki, and prior to joining OII, worked in an online advertising startup as a data scientist.

Twitter: @ottokassi

Dr. Alex Wood

alex_j_woodAlex Wood is a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute and a Lecturer in Sociology of Work at the University of Birmingham. He is a sociologist of work and employment, focusing on the changing nature of employment relations and labour market transformation. He also has a long standing interest in the relationships between industrial relations, union renewal and emerging forms of workplace representation and new patterns of class and inequality. Alex completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge Department of Sociology, with a PhD focusing on the changing nature of flexible and insecure forms of work such as zero hour contracts.

Twitter: @tom_swing

Nicholas Martindale

Nicholas Martindale is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, and a Research Assistant in the iLabour project. An expert in quantitative sociology, he is analysing survey data on online freelancers.


Svea Windwehr

Svea Windwehr is a postgraduate researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. Svea has a background in political science and law and is interested in dispute settlement and the changing nature of work. Her work on the iLabour Project focuses on the study of dispute resolution mechanisms of labour intermediaries.

Twitter: @sveawindwehr


Advisory board